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Don’t Forget the Birds, Novelty Bird Feeders & Bird Baths

In this cold weather DONT forget the birds that keep you entertained all year round. Make sure you still put out food for them even when its cold and snowing!

Those Robins & Blue Tits still need food, in fact even more so in snow and snowy weather than before. Take a lot at our Novelty Bird Feeders and Bird Baths, Colourful and entertaining creatures, our range comprises of upside down Umbrellas with a cheeky novelty animal on the handle, simply hang from a tree or stake in your garden and fill with bird feed, these bright and colourful feeders will not only put a smile on your face but will add a bit of humour and colour to your garden, as well as proving a great feeding opportunity to the birds.

Our Bird feeder range comprises of a Novelty Bee, Ladybird, Hedgehog, Robin, Grasshopper, Mouse, Frog, and Garden Gnome. We also stock a number of Bird baths.

These fantastic Bird feeders compliment our Animal range of Planters, Plant Pots and Garden Decorations.